Notes on my native land

To this corner of the world came
 people from China and India
 from Indonesia and Europe
 Some of the people
 adopted local ways
 They spoke Malay
 dressed Malay
 but still kept their customs
 Others stuck to their ways
 while firmly planting
 a foot on Malaysian soil
The alchemy worked
And today we have a nation
 that is a kaleidoscope
 of many things and many people
 We all belong to this fabric
 having each lent a stitch
 to make up a whole
 Now we invite the world
 to see this tapestry.

D a v i d   L a z a r u s ~ 1 9 8 6

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Penang State Museum

Writen by
Josephine Choo

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Chin Mun Woh ,
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