Exploring the streets of George Town

Penang State Museum

As you walk arond the Court Buildings, you will see

a building with twin towers - this is the Cathedral of the Assumption vuilr in 1860. Your next stop is the State Museum, which grants free admission. The Museum only occupies half a building, as the eastern half was destroyed in World War II bombing. The statue of Francis Light which stands in front of the Museum was modelled after a portrait of his son, William Light, founder of Adelaide.

St George's Church
The St George's Church dating from 1818 stands at the corner of Lebuh Farquhar and Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling. The edifices was designed by Captain Robert Smith, a military engineer whose oil paintngs of early Penang are displayed in the Museum. This is the oldest anglican church in the country, modelled after a large church in Madras. In front of the church is a handsome memorial to Francis Light, who died on October 21, 1794. The Church maintains much of its original setting.

Goddess of Mercy Temple
You can walk along the church wall along Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling, formerly Pitt Street. This street now known as the Street of Harmony was reserved for the places of worship important to Penang's multicultural community. Proceeding beyond the church, you will see a Chinese temple on your right.

The goddess of Mercy Temple was founded around 1800 and features a sweeping roof with ornately decorated copings and ridges. Today, it is a very popular temple, visited by young and old alike offering sandalwood incense. Chinese opera or puppet theatre is performed in the granite-paved forecourt on the Goddess of Mercy's feast days, which are celebrated three times a year.

Little India
Proceed along Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling, past the flower-sellers' stalls, and then cross the road toward Lebuh Pasar, formerly Market Street. This is the part of George Town commonly known as Little India, as there are a number of South Indian stores and eating places here. You may want to browse and shop for sarees, garlands, trinkets, sculptures or Indian music.

Mahamariamman Temple
Turn right to Lebuh Queen until you come to the Mahamariamman Temple. this is the oldest Hindu temple in town, dating to 1833, with a magnificently sculptured entrance gate.

At the end of Lebuh Queen is the Penang Teochew Association, a 19th century south Chinese district association temple. Note the granite beams and the beautifully gilded painting of door gods at the facade. From Lebuh Queen, turn right along Lebuh Chulia until you come to the traffic lights, where you should turn left on to Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling. Here you will find many Indian Muslim money-changers and jewellers. The four-storey landmark at the junction of Lebuh Chulia and Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling is a Chinese medical hall known as Eu Yan Sang.

Kapitan Keling Mosque
Cross the road to visit the Kapitan Keling Mosque, a monumental mosque crowned by yellow domes. This is the largest historic mosque in town, founded before 1800. Originally a rectangular building with verandahs and a hipped roof, the osque has been enlarged several times. British architects commissioned by the Muslim and Hindu Endowments Board gave the mosque its British Moghul Revival

appearance in 1916. The elegant minaret dates from this time.

Walk in a counter-clockwise direction

around the mosque, past the ablution area, the former religious school building behind the mosque and exit near the old well onto Penang own Buckingham Street. Turn left onto Lebuh Buckingham and you will come back to Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling. Proceed south to lebuh Armenian.

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