W h y  P e n a n g   s u c k s

“Roses are Red,Violets are Blue,
 What's so great? I haven't a clue!”
Anonymous: A failed poet who was given 1,800 strokes of rotan and sentenced to death for plagiarism

Penang may jolly well be the best place on earth but it is far from perfect. In casting shadows on our glowing tribute to Penang, we hope to present a more balanced perspective. Scroll down and make your own contributions in “I Also Want to Complain

Penang traffic and Penang drivers
Non existent in the past, traffic jams are becoming more frequent. While it may not as bad as that of other major cities, these occurances are enough to cause distress among Penangites used to her easy-going pace.Currently a one-way system traffic flow has been implemented, but this solution is only temporary as the number of cars on the road are ever-increasing. There are also work in progress for coastal roads and future plans of a LRT system.


Compounding the traffic problem are the famous and legendary Penang drivers

The scarring of our hills
It is estimated that 50% of Penang still retains its forest cover. This is not a bad figure, but the property boom has seen frantic developments that is unparalleled in our history.

The final straw was when they started to carve and shave our beloved hills. The most sacred of hills, the Penang hill(s) is now patches of pink - which has more to do with illegal land clearing by farmers than property development. Existing plans to develop Penang Hill are being reviewed, but the lesser hills are not so privileged.

Treatment of heritage buildings
The destruction of Hotel Metropole (a.k.a. Asdang House) by an errant developer evoked a huge cry from the concerned public. While the State has tightened its laws on building regulations and conservation, several properties on prime land - chiefly those on Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, face an uncertain future.

I Also Want to Complain
I also want to complain” is a free forum where browsers, especially Penangites or those familiar with Penang can post their views and remarks (see right column).
Go ahead, 
tell us why Penang sucks.

Why is Penang still Pearl of the Orient

Why Penang Sucks!

Penang Drivers


From: Steve Phillips

You want to know why Penang sucks? Well I will tell you why Penang sucks. Penang sucks because the only people who can actually make a difference in Penang are people who have lived there all of their lives, yet these people have not been out into the real world.


Why does Penang have so many cats without tails? And they all seem to want to eat my 'char koay teow' at the stalls!

From: Adrienne D.

You mentioned patches of pink on the Hills. One day as well, that haven, that jewel at the heart of Penang, the Botanical Gardens (Kebun Bunga) will be one huge patch of pink, when enthusiastic landscapers have replaced ALL of the grass with crazy pink paving.

From: Dr. Leong
Doctor at General Hospital, Penang

“Too many Ah-Tu-Ah-Kows (Hokkien slang for Riff-Raffs) in Penang.”

From: Valerie Soo
Boutique owner

"Penang people not civic-conscious at all-la; simply throw rubbish everywhere. Soon we become tong sampah of the Orient."


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