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 t is foolhardy to doubt the quality and flavour of Penang food. Penang is the queen of gourmet delights. It is the pride and joy of every Penangite. The fact is the food is unbeatable for taste, texture and variety. This is especially true of Nyonya cuisine which is unique and native to the island, its originality and flavour

 unsurpassed. Malaysians in general are aware of this and it is not uncommon to find signs that say “Penang Laksa”, “Penang Prawn Mee” and “Penang Lobak” in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru or the other states. Penangites live to eat and eating is a favourite pastime. Pampered by such a wide range of delicacies, the typical Penangite has finely tuned tastebuds and will never fail to raise an uproar whenever a meal falls short of expectations. 

Delicious Penang Food

Only in Penang is  the preparation and tasting of food elevated to an art form.

The sheer variety of hawker food in Penang is astonishing. They are an exotic blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western: a gourmet’s dream come true.


Recipe for the legendary Penang Laksa
Arguably Penang's greatest contribution to the culinary world, Penang Laksa or Assam Laksa is a spicy and savoury dish of course rice noodles in a sour based fish soup with 'assam' (tamarind), sprinkled with shavings of 'bunga kantang', onions, sliced chilli, cucumber and pineapple; topped with thick black fish paste.


Nyonya cakes

Nyonya cakes: Kuih Talam, Kuih Lapis, Thor Tau Kuih, Ondek-Ondek, Kuih Koay See, Green Roll, Nyonya Chang and Koay Beng Kang to name a few.

Char Koey Teow

Char Koay Teow; a real eating experience...



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