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While not exactly Las Vegas, Penang is no ghost-town either. Weekdays are basically reserved for work and little else, while weekends are recreation time and a chance to commune with the neon lights. Like most cities, Penang has a thriving nightlife with the usual elements of flash, glitter, pulsating music, vogue discotheques, drinking holes, beautiful hip people, and even sleaze(if you look hard enough).

Once the craze of the town, Karaokes are still going strong and seemingly here to stay.
Crooners can patronise “open” karaokes or rent private karaoke rooms with hourly rates. Songs are available in English, Chinese, and Malay, and these nightspots are generally well-stocked with current hits.

Pubs and Discotheques dot the night from Georgetown to the beaches of Batu Ferringghi. Bistros are a recent addition which have sprouted here and there. Live bands are a common feature in some outlets. The mostly imported-from-neighbouring-countries live bands play mainstream middle-of-the-road music, so don’t expect alternative stuff or anything that is not in the Billboard TOP 40 charts. If one is fortunate enough, there are good Jazz acts every now and then.

Definitely in vogue now are the cabaret acts which attempt to bring “Broadway”-style shows to town. In keeping with popular demands, colourful costumes, scantily-clad dancers or bawdy slapstick humour is prevalent. Highly popular with both gay and straight crowd.

For the cultural enthusiast, having dinner at Eden Seafood Village offers delightful seafood and entertainment in a cultural perspective. Here while dining, the cultural dancers depict the many races of Malaysia - Chinese, Indian and Malay. These dancers are clad in colourful costumes representing Malaysia's united community through it's spectacular dances.

For a different pace, try an evening trip up Penang Hill for the air, the scenery and the steamboat dinner at Hotel Bellevue. It is advisable to reach the summit early as the Hotel’s steamboat restaurant closes at 9.30 pm. A walk along the beaches in the evening and a visit to some of the hotel lounges for drinks and light music is another romantic option.


Penang Heritage Trail

Experience a walkdown memory lane for Penang's timeless impressions!

Places to See
George Town
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Seberang Prai

Traveller's Notes
John Lyon shares his experience on three of Penang's most famous attractions:
Streets of George
Batu Feringgi
Penang Hill

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Penang State Museum

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