Seberang Prai - Mainland Connection
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Connected to the island by the Penang Bridge, Prai is a thriving industrial premise on the mainland. While her island sister hogs most of the limelight, Prai has her own share of attractions.

Mengkuang Dam
The biggest dam in Penang which has a storage capacity of 23, 639 million litres of water is located in the Mengkuang Valley north of Bukit Mertajam on the mainland.

Jogging tracks and walking trails are available for the fitness buffs. The dam was recently host to the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival.

Penang Bird Park
A five-minute drive from the Penang Bridge, this 2-hectare bird park is home to more than 800 birds of 300 species from all over the world. Be prepared to see the huge birds of prey, pelican and the gigantic cassowaries, emu, and ostriches, all housed in large aviaries in simulated natural surroundings.

Penang Bird Park

The park also boasts beautifully landscaped garden with cascading waterfalls and ponds with lotus, water lilies and water fowls which swim freely.

Penang Heritage Trail

Experience a walkdown memory lane for Penang's timeless impressions!

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John Lyon shares his experience on three of Penang's most famous attractions:
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