Society of Active Generation
 of Elders, Penang

While many viewed life after retirement as the "twilight era" of an individual's life or a time to "slow down", SAGE strives to prove otherwise - that life begins after retirement, and that old age should not be viewed as a barrier to a senior citizen's ability to participate actively or to contribute positively to society.

Under the able leadership of its president, Mr. Chin Sek Ham, SAGE organises a myriad of activities to foster companionship between its members beside championing the cause and rights of senior citizens.

Typical SAGE activities consist of escapades (or educational trips) to local places of interest and neighbouring countries, Get-Together functions, and even evening walks at local parks.

 Its educational trips have taken hundreds of members to places like Phuket, Haadyai, Cameron Highlands, Kelantan, Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Kaki Bukit, and Padang Besar. The trips are usually overland tours by air-conditioned coach, at low budget and high on fellowship and fun.

SAGE's Get-Together functions are seldom sedate or formal events, resembling more party-like with good food, dancing, singing and lucky draws.

Among the issues SAGE has voiced out on are those of proper housing ("granny complex") for the elderly, budget adjustments for pensioners, establishment of Getriatric Hospital in Penang, and the formation of cooperatives for senior citizens.

Since its founding in 1988, the society has grown to a total of 450 members today.

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Aims & Objectives

To promote fellowship and goodwill, and to foster companionship and to instill filial piety in the young

To provide social, recreational and sporting activities for members

To encourage members to contribute by imparting their knowledge, experience and expertise for the betterment of the community by their active participation

To obtain where possible concessionary privileges from the public and private sectors

To provide/organise community services

To affiliate and/or assist in the organising of any other organisation/s which has/have similar aims and objectives.