Women's Crisis Centre, Penang
(Pusat Krisis Wanita, Pulau Pinang)

There is a place in Penang where women and children facing crisis in their lives – be it physical battering, psychological harassment or sexual assault – can turn to. It is called the Women's Crisis Centre (WCC).

WCC serves as a centre for counseling, legal advice, emotional support and temporary shelter to women and children facing crisis.

Set up in 1985 as a non-profit, voluntary organisation to meet the needs of abused women, WCC has grown into a reputable organisation serving as an advocate in terms of outreach, campaign and lobbying to improve gender equality for women and children.

Left: WCC staff, committee members and visitors at the present office.

Situated in a quiet corner of the Pulau

Tikus neighbourhood in Jalan Jones, WCC is managed by an Executive Director and a team of full-time officers, program officers and social workers. With women coming from as far as Alor Star, the centre serves as a refuge of sorts for abused women in the northern region.

Here, the staff lend a listening ear, dispense legal advice, accompany the women to see welfare officers, make police reports and go to court to get interim protection orders under the Domestic Violence Act (DVA).

Beyond counselling, WCC had in May 1996, initiated the setting up of a one-stop centre for abused women and rape victims in Penang General Hospital by training hospital staff, the police and welfare officers to deal with traumatised women.

Since then, the WCC Service team has

been actively conducting gender sensitising workshops for medical personnel in various states in Malaysia – in the northern region, East Coast states and also Johor.

Above & Right:Young Theatre Penang actors fleshing out a situation in front of school kids during the "Okay Tak Okay" roadshow.

Another issue which the centre takes very seriously is that of child sexual abuse. To deal with this sensitive topic among school children, WCC launched a "Okay Tak Okay"

roadshow in April 1998 with the assistance of Young Theatre Penang. The play, conducted across 20 primary schools in Penang, teaches children to trust their instincts when the actions of an adult make them uncomfortable, and to differentiate between bodily contacts that are "Okay" or "not Okay".

Since its set-up, WCC has extended help to thousands of women and their children who were counselled over the telephone or via face-to-face meetings and those who have sought shelter. Marital problems and wife battery constitute the majority of the cases handled. Various reasons have been given including: work stress leading to marital disharmony, jealousy, extramarital affairs, alcoholism and in-laws interference.

Interested parties can contact Women's Crisis Centre at:
24-D Jalan Jones, 10250 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604-2280342 Fax: 604-2285784
or email:
Website :

All our services are free and confidential!
WCC operates Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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The idea to start a centre for women in distress in Penang was first mooted in 1982 when a few women got together and discussed that women in Penang and the northern region who experienced domestic violence has no place to turn to.

The initial group of women came from various groups including Universiti Sains Malaysia, Family Planning Association of Penang, Federation of Women Lawyers, Consumers Association of Penang, and also housewives.

The constitution of WCC was drafted and WCC was finally registered as a society in July 1985.

The first WCC office was a small room rented from the local municipality at 57, Jalan Macalister. In July 1993, WCC moved to its new office at 24-D, Jalan Jones.

As a non-profit organisation, WCC is dependent on
public funds to carry out its day-to-day operations as well as future plans. If you think you can help, please
e-mail WCC or telephone 604-2280342.

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