*Governor’s Birthday
July 10, is a public holiday in the state of Penang.

Birthday of Chor So Kong
 Chor So Kong was a Tang dynasty monk who specialized in exorcism and healing. His birthday falls on the 6th day of the sixth moon of the lunar calendar. In the afternoons and evenings, Chinese opera will be staged before the Snake Temple in Sungai Kluang. Devotees offer eggs to the temple snakes.


Birthday of the Goddess of Mercy
 Here Her birthdat is celebrated for a second time by the Chinese on the 19th day of the sixth moon.

Hungry Ghosts
F e a t u r e  S t o r y
The ghosts roam the Streets of George Town.

Double Sevens
The legend tells of the Weaver, a heavenly maiden and one of the seven sisters, who falls in love with a mortal,the Cowherd. Due to circumstances, they cannot be together and meet only once a year across the Milky Way on this night. Unmarried women make offerings to Seven Sisters on the eve of the double seven on the 7th day of the seventh moon of the lunar calendar.

Chong Yuen Ti Kuan Ta Ti
A Taoist deity, receives offerings that are made to cleanse oneself of past sins. Simultaneously, paper and food offerings are also made to Tai Su Yah, who rules the underworld, with his two wardens., Tua Pek, who is seen with chain, and Jee Pek, who is seen with a fan. Sheds are constructed by the roadside to house paper representations of these deities which are made in the shops along Carnavon Street and elsewhere. This observance is also called Chit Guek Puah, meaning mid-seventh month. The Cantonese observe it on the 14th day and the Hokkiens on the 15th day of the moon.


*National Day
On this day, Malaysia received independence from the British. It is celebrated on a grand scale with large parades at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on the 31st of August.

Birthday of Tai Sui
On the 19th day of the seventh moon, those people who feel vindictive can cut out paper siau ren (evil men), hang them upside down at the altar of Tai Sui, and beat them with their slippers while pronouncing the hated person's name along with a string of curses.

Mooncake Festival
This festival commemorates the overthrow of the Mongols, when the insurgent revolutionary leaders, by way of smuggling secret messages in mooncakes, called the people to revolt.


It is celebrated by the Chinese on the 15th day of the eight lunar moon. Children carry paper lanterns through the streets on this full moon night.

Thaipusam Spectacular
While there are many Indian festivals that celebrate the rice harvest, the stars and light, Thaipusam is by far the most spectacular.The celebration here is more intense than the one in native South India.

Penangites once again celebrate the birthday of Tua Pek Kong (The God of Prosperity) in a grand manner...

 Hungry Ghosts in Penang

... that throughout the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, children and young toddlers alike should be kept from going out of the house, lest unrested souls lure them to the kingdom of the dead!

Mooncakes are only sold during the Mid-Autumn Festival or Festival of Lanterns celebrated on the eight month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

The moon on the 15th day of this month is brighter than that on any other month of the year.


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