Tua Pek Kong - text

tours the city of George Town

Tua Pek Kong or God of Prosperity toured the streets of George Town in a grand procession which was organised

Tua Pek Kong float

by the Poh Hock Seah Tua Pek Kong Temple in Armenian Street.The colourful parade comprising 36 floats was held during the Poh Hock Seah 108th Year Grand Float Procession in February.

he procession is held only once every 12 years, specifically

in the Year of the Tiger, as the animal is the deity's mascot.

This is only the ninth such procession since 1890, and it proceeded with the whole-hearted participation of 34 Tua Pek Kong temples.

Thousands of devotees armed with joss-sticks  lined the streets to pay homage to the deity

while curious tourists recorded the event on film, as an entourage of tigers, flower petals, phoenix, dragons, and dieties float by on chariots of light and colour.

It is believed that the Tua Pek Kong or God of Prosperity's tour of the city will bring luck, prosperity and good health to the community.

This is especially significant to the locals now as the country is in the midst of an economic recession. Some of the floats were decorated with graphic displays signifying wealth and prosperity - gold bars, gold coins, gold ingots, goldfish, and even one which cheekily states the currency "USD$" on its prop.

If you've missed the event, do not worry - there is ample time to plan ahead as the next one is 12 years away.

by Chin Mun Woh

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