Penang may jolly well be the best place on earth but it is far from perfect. In casting shadows on our glowing tribute to Penang, we hope to present a more balanced perspective. Scroll down and make your own contributions in “Kudos & Brickbats”.

Date: 20 Oct 1999 20:01:11 +0200

Well, it would be nicer once the Eastern & Oriental Hotel reopens. It was still in a building stage when I visited briefly - breaking away from the E&O (train) Georgetown tour. I heard the Raffles people were there but left. What's the future look like for this (once) lovely hotel?

Regards - TS

 Penang Visit
Date: Saturday, 4 September 1999

I am a writer for a newspaper in the U.S. and visited Penang two years ago. I long to visit the city again and would even love to come and live there to write. It is such a different place with many cultures and beautiful sites from the old world and new.

It is so interesting and exciting, and I can't wait to be able to come back again.

Thanks for the wonderful website.

Paul C.
Alabama in the USA

E&O Hotel
From: FGAppleby -
Date: Wedesday, 25 Aug ust 1999

Penang is one of my favourite places - I'd like to return and stay at the E&O. However, I don't seem able to find the E&O (10 Farquahar Street if I remember) in your excellent guide, How do I contact the E&O - hopefully by e-mail ?? I hope it has not been replaced/rebuilt!

Remember !
From: john cook -
Date: 31 July 1999

Let to introduce myself. I am John Kok, living in California, USA.

I was with the Dutch military. About 800 soldiers and myself were stationed in Penang located at the location close to the Snake Temple in houses where there was a sportsfield. This was all in 1945 and we spent 3 months in your lovely country and enjoyed it very much. Also I got to know 2 boys who were natives. One boy's relative was an architect who through the times have created your beautiful temples, I was told. Sorry I cannot remember the name. This person spoke English very well. Maybe if he read this he would send me a note or so.

I appreciate this very much. Thank you very much. I often talk about how much Ienjoyed my being there. Good luck! I am now 79 years old...time goes by fast.

Penang Memories
From: Lee Le Clercq -
Date: 9 July 1999

I lived for over 2 years on the island at Glugor from 1968 to 1970. What a wonderful time in my life. Truly the most magnificent island on the planet. I hope it hasn't changed too much!

There’s no place like Penang
From: TJ Wong -
Date: 11 July 1999

Beginning my A-levels in UK, I was naturally looking forward to leaving home (Penang of course) and studying overseas. The first few months was fun....meeting new friends, new people, experiencing new food, new places, etc. Then the everyday routine of life settled in, and so did the homesickness and the longing for my hometown.

When summer finally came, I knew I was nearly home in Penang when on my flight from Singapore to Penang I saw a must-be Penangite gobbling and slurping down plane food even lifting up the puny flight plate and with the fork shovelling the food down his throat. Yes, we Penangites can eat! It was such a familiar sight and I felt even more impatient than ever for the plane to land.

Upon my arrival in the Bayan Lepas airport I had to fight an overwhelming urge to kiss the ground. On my first night home, my parents took me to a kopitiam (which was practically better than a 5 star restaurant to me) opened practically 24 hours a day unlike those snack bars overseas which opens a mere 2 hour period for lunch and dinner. I ate to my heart's contend....char koay teow, laksa, rojak....u name it...I had it. I'm thankful I still have the "iron-stomache" which true Penangites have. Some unfortunate people upon trying their first plate of hawker food throw up with the reason that the food was contaminated. How true that statement is I have no idea.

Penang truely is home for me... It'll be with me in my heart no matter where I am. I've now experienced being away from the island and will never again take it for granted . With summer stretched out in front of me, I intend to fully make use of every single second here.

Penang - MY pearl of the orient!

Re: Book Research
From: Steven Renfro -
Date: 14 July 1999

My name is Steve Renfro and I'm doing research for a book being written by Raul Hererra, a friend and shipmate of mine. But first, may I congratulate you and the others in your group on such a lively, lovely and colorful Web Site.

I'm truly sorry I've never visited your beautiful land. Raul, however, did visit in 1968. That was his R&R from the rigors of the Vietnam War.

His book is that of the Brownwater Navy, which was the Naval, Coastguard and specific Army groups that patrolled and made incursions into the rivers and canals of the Mekong Delta. Another name for it was the Mobile Riverine Force. Both Raul and I were members of this force.

It is his desire to include in the book memories of the fine time that he spent in Penang on his R&R. I will copy now the request he directed to me.

"Here's another research request. I tried, to no success, to get information on Penang, Malaysia. That's where I R&R'ed. I'm interested in learning more about the Sleeping Bhudah (Sp?) Temple that is located there. Another place of interest is a park that had lots and lots of monkeys running wild all over the place. I would be interested if there is any sort of relative information available regarding the R&R program during the Vietnam War. See what you can dig up. Maps would also be helpful, showing points of interest. Something on the cycle-boys too. Do what you can, okay?"

Well, that's as he put it to me and I don't think I can word it any differently and get what he's after. I realize that this more than likely occurred before most of your staff was even born, but any effort in providing this info would be much more than just appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time,

Steve Renfro

From: Dedey Nirwan -
Date: Wednesday, 20 January 1999

What is so good about Penang? Isn't it just another Island in this world? Ya it's true! Actually it's more tha true. So, what's the big fuss?

Penang might be named the dirtiest city in Malaysia, and the hills are left with only patches of green - damned to the development, but one thing that no other city can disclaim from it is the variety and delicious yet cheap foods that it offers. Just name a few - hokkien mee, laksa, char koey teow- would make u salivating just to think of it.

Presently I am studying in Johor and there are plenty of hawker stalls that claim to selling Penang foods. They should be ashame of themselves by destroying the reputation of Penan's foods. Believe me, they aren't even close. So to all those who love foods, go to Penang and experience it your self what is Penang foods really like. I am proud of you, Penang!


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