Penang may jolly well be the best place on earth but it is far from perfect. In casting shadows on our glowing tribute to Penang, we hope to present a more balanced perspective. Scroll down and make your own contributions in “Kudos & Brickbats”.

So why be a pessimist?
From: Dale Morrison -
Date: 17 November 1998

Although I have been in London now for coming onto 10 years, I spent my formative years growing up in Penang (specifically; going to St. Christopher's School) and I say this to those who complain about the drivers there ...

"Life's too short people!!!"

When in Rome and all that sort of stuff ... to me, Penang will always symbolise the best that is Malaysia; food and climate to name but 2! Me, I will always be proud to say that if you can drive (and live through the experience!!) in Penang, you can drive anywhere in the world ... and on your terms!

As long as Penang doesn't become like KL, that's all that matters.

i LOVE Penang !
From: Huang Zi-Hao -
Date: 02 October 1998

Hello! I am living in the Pearl of The Orient. As a typical Penangite, I love my home-town so much and I have been wishing to set up a website which contributes to Penang. Now I am looking for and taking photos anyway ...

I would like to clarify something: George Town or Georgetown ? We used to see different spellings in here but I prefer George Town because it looks more outstanding. Morever, Georgetown has been used for 2 cities in the world and I think we should be a little bit distinguish ...How do you think?

Allan Huang

PENANG memories
From: Lee Le Clercq -
Date: 9 July 1998

My only complaint is that I have not been able to revist that wonderful island upon which I spent over 2 glorious years from 1968 to 1970.

From: Steve Phillips -

You want to know why Penang sucks? Well I will tell you why Penang sucks. Penang sucks because the only people who can actually make a difference in Penang are people who have lived there all of their lives, yet these people have not been out into the real world.

From: Mohan -

Why does Penang have so many cats without tails? And they all seem to want to eat my 'char koay teow' at the stalls!

From: Adrienne D. -

You mentioned patches of pink on the Hills. One day as well, that haven, that jewel at the heart of Penang, the Botanical Gardens (Kebun Bunga) will be one huge patch of pink, when enthusiastic landscapers have replaced ALL of the grass with crazy pink paving.

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