Collector seeks Buddha Statues
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001
From: "Desmond Chiong"<>
web site:

Thanks for your efforts in having the penang page.

I am an oversea Fukien Chinese born in Burma, currently living in California, USA but has a few relatives, from my maternal grandfather's side living in Penang.

My own paternal grandmother herself was from Malaysia.
So I have some sentimental ties to Penang and Malaysia.

Curently, besides being a medical doctor, I am a buddhist and own a small buddhist store.

I am interested in buying buddhist statue from the antique store in penang.

If there is any seller of buddha statue out there in Penang, please contact me.

Wishing all the people in Penang well. You have been a good model of the
success of oversea Fukienese Chinese people.

with metta,

Penang Demise
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 12:06:39 +0800
From: "Powell, Paul" <>

We have been to Penang 14 times in 12 years and I am VERY disappointed at:

(a) What has happened to the hills on the coast road to Batu Feringgi. This carving up of the natural landscape to develop houses is a terrible thing and makes us very sad. It is false economy as thousand of tourists will stop coming. We know many people who have stopped visiting as they too feel so strongly about this destruction of nature for commercial return.

(b) The demise of the "old culture" such as the shophouses and little streets as well as the tri-shaws in favour of modern shopping malls. This is a VERY BIG PLANNING MISTAKE INDEED!

We Australians need only drive down the road to reach a modern glass and concrete shopping mall - WHY WHY does the Penang Authorities not realise that we come to see the "old world" charm that Penang was famous for - Why do they destroy what attracts us?- we do NOT want to pay all that money to feel that we are in Australia!!!!

Singapore is now avoided like the plague by almost all Australians as a sterile/expensive and pretty routine place – Penang now follows exactly the same road? We (all 4) are coming for two weeks in September 2000 – we will spend many thousand ringgit but I think this will be our last visit – it has been spoiled beyond repair. We will go to Vietnam next year.

Paul Powell and Family

PeNAng ! ! ! ! ! ! CREaTIVE utopia ! ! ! !
Date: Friday, August 11, 2000 10:34 PM
 From: hooi lee <>

Visiting Penang Insights in such a coincidence. I feel prouder of being a Penangnite!!! PROUDER. I'm just 17. I still remember the holiday plan that I had suggested to my friends in form 4 last year: a WALKING TOUR of Georgetown... no more shopping tour or activities on the beach... some of them did show their enthusiasm of joining me... but unfortunately, we never made it happened. Isn't it sad? We just didn't take action.

I took the initiative to think of this plan as I LOVE penang when I grew to be able to appreciate things in my life. It is hard to explain in fact... it is an island, small island, with a well-named city: Georgetown... a diverse city... a friendly city... a "green" city as we have some 50 year-old or maybe older trees right in the city centre, right beside modern buildings, along the busy roads in the city !!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING aren't they? We have the working folks rushing to their destination and yet we have relaxed foreign tourists walking along the streets trying to KNOW this rich little city and also we have many always-full-hawker stalls everywhere, packed with lively locals... drinking kopi-O and eating hokkien mee... you can find these in no where else !!!!!!!!!!! NO where !!!!!!!!!

PROUder when I came across some foreigners who voiced their liking and desire to live in this special island. I promised myself... wherever I go in the future... I'll definitely buy my first house in Penang island... I'll make my dream come true in Penang and then extend to other places if possible.............. my dream is to open a shop with new concept called CREaTIVE utopia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its first branch must be in Penang !!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for being too enthusiastic.

I hope Penang together with all of its special aspects would be retained forever....... I hope Georgetown will LIVE forever !!!!!!!! My hope, my wish... as a young Penangnite.

 Wild Batu Feringgi
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 00:16:14 +0100
 From: "Liz" <>

We visited Penang in May/June 2000, staying at the Golden Sands resort. We had a wild time and met some wonderful people!! We, (being me and my mad mate Joy) fell totally in love with the place and I am presently making plans to find work there. If you never go anywhere else, you gotta see this place!!!

We are still in touch with the friends we made over there (yes, I'll see you in August) and can't wait to go back. When we were there we didn't sleep much, but hell, who needs sleep when Sigi's is open!!! Don't miss the Reggae Club if you want to chill out. Never laughed so much in our lives. Brilliant. And whoever phoned our room at 4 in the morning....WE WILL BE BACK!!!

Great place, brilliant people, wish we'd found it years ago.

Liz & Joy, England

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